-Veteran DayZ community
-Harder than vanilla experience
-Organic role players
-Official factions, map & lone wolves
-Toxicity-free discord zone
-Strictly enforced rule system
-Custom locations built by the community
-Livonia only



Back in 2018 we started a project called "The Core." We wanted it to focus on the game itself. "DayZ, how it's meant to be" became our slogan. We thought Vanilla DayZ should be more hardcore. Long before modding existed and through endless hours of going through unknown code we made changes to the CLE but it turned out to be too hardcore, too niche. The balance between risk and reward was too severe and for most they lost interest. The population never took off and the Core was closed.

Now with the project revived we still think that DayZ should be challenging, but also motivating. For your level of effort you have to be equally rewarded. This is the experience we try to create on the Core.

We are DayZ veterans. The Core community consists of long term friends and enemies from servers such as The Village, After Zero, End Zone, New Dawn, The Nest, The Settlers and DayZ Underground. We have always looked for a server to call home and together this is what we have created. 


We are continually monitoring feedback and making tweaks, adjustments and updates were necessary. The Central Loot Economy (CLE) can be a fickle beast and one experience one day may be completely different the next. In line with our mission statement we consider repeated experiences by many a priority to address.


The Core has it's own mod with faction armbands, our own changes as well as approved, repacked mods. We also install outstanding stand-alone mods that help us to realise our mission statement.



While we encourage both solo players and factions to build bases, we do not approve of mega-fortresses with hoarded loot. Of course, without restrictive rules this is a difficult one to enforce. People are loot hoarders and we can't change that attitude. Our aim is to get the right balance between secure bases and the risk of being raided. Reduced amounts of nails and tools as well as the inability to carry planks in back packs are some such measures we have taken to slow the progress of base building.



Even though we do not have rules to limit hostile play styles we encourage organic role-play as it opens a whole new game to players. There can be politics and diplomacy between competing factions, raids, hostage situations, robberies and a lot more. We want the Core to be more than just a PVP server with factions.

RP is not enforced but it is encouraged. If those that do meet those that don't try to reach a common ground for both your game enjoyments. Aspire to post any in-character stories/ diary entries to the DayZCore sub reddit.

You are urged to take risks, don't just shoot everything you see. Use in game comms when you are out in groups, use radios. So much of this game is waiting to reward you for taking risks. We don't acknowledge PVP gods because they are no different from one another. People remember characters, ruthless bandits and heroes. PVP warriors are forgotten in day.



Our CLE makes reaching your end game more difficult as you progress from civilian to geared hunter/ soldier. As a survivor you will need to make potentially life saving decisions before travelling South for higher value weaponry & clothing. If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail.

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DayZCore operates a points system to record violations. The seriousness of the violation determines the amount of violation points. Minor infractions such as loot cycling carry warning level points but more serious violations such as combat logging carry 7 day bans. Records of violations are kept on player profiles.

Our rules protect those that wish to build bases and we will punish those that destroy all that hard work with malicious attacks or by harassment.


We pride ourselves on a healthy community environment. We don't permit posting of raids or kills on discord. It only causes issues. Keep it in-game. We do encourage your creativity by adding to your story on our subreddit. Build your character, build your story.



-Discord and in game names must match.
-Follow all Core rules.
-No alt accounts.



The hardware and how to connect

DayZCore is proud to provide a high spec machine to meet the demands of running a modded DayZ server. On DayZCore you’ll be able to enjoy high performance through our optimised server design which makes driving on a full server no problem at all.


Server Spec:

Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core

CPU-B: 20155


NVMe: 2x 1 TB NVMe SSD

Connect to DayZCore:


DAYZCORE | Hardcore Livonia | Organic RP



We highly recommend using a game launcher to connect to DayZCore. Launchers will automatically manage the mods needed to join us.

DayZCore recommends:


Install it and search for "DayZCore"

Interested in joining the team? Fill out the staff application on discord

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