The Champions of the Core



Chaotic Neutral

HQ Location: Karlovac Farm, 1.3km SSW of Adamow
Leaders: [BO] D15cord and [BO] Bear.
Bio: Blackout are a mysterious and unusual mix of survivors led by a former special forces operative. They currently don't appear to have any other mission than to simply survive. They are not known raiders and seem to have the dilemma of choosing who to align with.



Chaotic Good

HQ Location: Camp Collective, 1km NNE of Gieraltow
Leaders: [CERB] Major and [CERB] Lyro.
Bio: Cerberus are a respected faction and willing to help those in need. They have been known to raid enemies. They work well with other factions when a coordinated effort is required.



Chaotic Neutral

HQ Location: Wrzeszcz
Leaders: [TC] Fred and [TC] Michael.
Bio: The Coalition of survivors reside in the most dangerous belt in Livonia. They are not ones to roll over without a fight and will bite back and raid if they are wronged. Expect kind hospitality in their home town unless you wear the wrong armband.



True Neutral

HQ Location: The Farm, Kolembrody
Leaders: [DELI] Junglethecannibal and [DELI] King Coco.
Bio: The Deli are the saviours of the North for feeding freshies with crops and their very own recipe stew. They are totally independent, non-raiders and will feed bandits and heroes alike. They enforce a strict non-violence policy on the farm.



Chaotic Neutral

HQ Location: Fire Station, Nadbor
Leaders: [ECR] Squigy and [ECR] Tribun.
Bio: Easy Company Regiment may bear the army brand but these band of brothers are not to be confused with the structured military. They have been known to side with mercenaries in order to carry out raids against lawful and good factions.

Wooden Hut


Lawful Good

HQ Location: Undeclared. Mobile in his truck, Betsy.

Lone Wolf
Bio: A true meaning of the word survivor. He travels the land, in his trusted truck Betsy, searching for any remaining shred of humanity. He's willing to help and trade with those he meets along the way. He is not a raider.



Lawful Good

HQ Location: Lookout tower, 1 km South of Zapadlisko
Leaders: [FTQ] Capt. Trojan and [FTQ] Lt. Neo.
Bio: The Queen's Guard are a military group based on the Queen's foot soldiers and seek to restore law and order. They are not raiders but do support other factions with fire power. They carry out blood tests while on patrol in line with a CDC directive.



Chaotic Neutral

HQ Location: Olszanka Square
Leaders: [NOM] ProblemBear and [NOM] ChrisPbacon.
Bio: The Nomads were once peaceful people but now they have had enough of being the victim. They are active raiders to all those that have wronged them. A nomadic people they provide food and shelter to those in need as well as trade in weapons with bandits.

Tropical Leaves


True Neutral

HQ Location: Undeclared.

Lone Wolf
Bio: A shadow in the woods, the Old Man isn't one to be found unless he chooses to be. Surviving solely off the land, many only hear whispers of his existence.



Lawful Neutral

HQ Location: Main Military Base, Muratyn
Leaders: [VCo] Buck and [VCo] King Pizza.
Bio: Vulture Company are successful traders consisting of professionals and scavengers who share the wish for normality to return to society. They take great pride in their home and business, "The Nest." They are neither killers nor raiders but will defend themselves against banditry. 


The Official Faction map is a representation of faction HQ locations. Depending on your reason for seeking a faction out will determine how you should approach them. Most factions will ask for you to shoulder your weapons on approach, some will shoot you directly if they see you as a threat. Check any trail board and plan your visit. Take care and leave them a note if they are not home.


To become recognised as an official member or faction apply via discord by opening a ticket choosing the "Officials Question" option. Use this for all Official related questions. Refer to the Official terms and conditions below.



A DayZCore Official are a trusted group of players or player that promotes DayZCore standards. They maintain good conduct that you would expect from a successful gaming community. To become Official they must meet all requirements to join and agree to all relevant Official terms. To maintain Official status they must continue to uphold the requirements to join as well as not engaging in activities deemed harmful to the community.

2.0 OFFICIAL BENEFITS **factions only

Official members receive the following benefits:

2.1- A unique flag with official logo created by our media team.

2.2- **Armband with official logo for each fresh-spawn member. 

2.3- Recognition on the trail map and website. 

2.4- Access for to Official member discord channels. 

2.5- 48 hour warning without violation points to correct any HQ base-building issues.
2.6- Having an official voice and capacity to help shape the community.
2.7- Invitation to official meetings for important changes and updates.
2.8- Access to the test server as a custom location creator and mod tester.

2.9- Official and unique item retextures created and added to the server loot economy.

3.0 TO BECOME OFFICIAL **factions only

To become "Official", the faction or lone wolf must:

3.1- Post an introduction to Reddit.

3.2- Pledge to abide by all DayZCore rules. 

3.3- Have been active for two months since the Reddit introduction.

3.4- **Have 100% of their roster declared and on DayZCore discord. 

3.5- **Have a minimum of three active members. 

3.6- Apply via a official ticket on discord. 

3.7- Be approved by a majority vote by other Official leaders & lone wolves.

When approved, they must:

3.8- **Provide steamID64 of all members inc. 2 leaders. 

3.9- Provide details about their official logo for a flag/ armband. 

3.10- **Declare and maintain a base HQ location.


To maintain status Official leaders and lone wolves must:

4.1- Promote and maintain harmonious community relations. 

4.2- Be active in Official Leader discord.

4.3- **Declare HQ relocation for map updates.

4.4- **Maintain their active roster using #rosters section on discord. 

4.5- Uphold the DayZCore Official agreement.

5.0 REMOVAL OF OFFICIAL STATUS **factions only

To have all official privileges revoked the official must achieve one of the following:

5.1- Receive three bans and enter into a full **faction ban review.

5.2- Leader is permanently banned.

5.3- Go "inactive" through zero server activity for eight continuous weeks.

5.4- **Fail to maintain a minimum of three active players.


6.1- All official leaders must vote to approve or deny a new official application.

6.2- **Each faction is permitted to have only one vote.

6.3- To become "official" the applicant must be voted in by a majority decision.

6.4- All votes need to be justified with a comment explaining why it was given.

6.5- A non-faction committed staff member will decide the application when there is a clear divide in opinion.

7.0 OFFICIAL AGREEMENT **factions only
The purpose of the official agreement is to promote a harmonious community. In order to become and maintain official status all members are required to agree with and continually uphold and promote the following terms of the agreement. In or out of character, always comply with the DayZCore Community rules, Base-building rules and Base-raiding rules, Reddit rules and always maintain discord harmony.

7.1- Meta-gaming - is acceptable but ensure to follow our discord and reddit rules. Strive to get your best experiences from in-game methods.

7.2- **Faction Liability - Leaders are responsible for the actions of their faction members and all agree to share important points and assist staff with their faction tickets.

7.3- RP is not enforced but it is encouraged. If those that do meet those that don't try to reach a common ground for both your game enjoyments.

7.4- Aspire to post any in-character stories/ diary entries to the DayZCore sub reddit.

7.5- False flagging (not wearing own, others or no armband) is acceptable.

7.6- Keep all in-character communications either in game or in Reddit.

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