Foreword: Do not seek to exploit or find loopholes in our rules. If we deem it a violation, and it's not spelled out below, you will still be punished for it. The admin's decision is final.

DayZCore operates a points system to record violations. The seriousness of the violation determines the amount of violation points.


See Violations Scale poster.

4 - 6 points = 7 day ban;

7 – 9 points = 14 day ban;

10 points = Perm ban


A ban also comes with a character wipe.


DayZCore Server Rules (violation pts)

1. Discord and In-game names must match. Permission to change needed. (2pts)

2. Follow all base building rules. (2 pts)

3. No loot cycling. (3 pts)

4. No alt accounts. (3 pts)

5. No (combat) logging before 10 minutes of last known contact between players. If you are in doubt, wait 10 minutes before logging out. (4 points)

6. No dismantling bases for resources. (5 pts)

7. Follow all base raiding rules. (6 pts)

8. No watching live streams to gain advantage over others. (7 pts)

9. No inappropriate notes or conversations. (8 pts)

10. No bullying, harassment or discrimination of others (8 pts)

11. No evading bans with other accounts. (10 pts for other accounts)

12. No racism or hate-speech. (10 pts)

13. No glitching, duping, hacking or cheating. (10 pts)



DayZ Core promote and maintain a harmonious discord community. In order to achieve this it is sometimes necessary to moderate posts and punish their authors. The level of punishment is directly based upon the seriousness of the violation. See the details below.


Violation of 1-5, receive a warning. Repeat offence, 7 day muted & blinded + 2 pts.

Violation of 6-7, receive a kick plus 7 day server ban + 4 pts.

Violation of 8-9, receive a kick plus 14 day server ban + 8 pts.

Violation of 10, receive a ban plus perm server ban + 10 pts.

Note: A ban from the server is a ban from discord and visa versa.


DayZCore Discord Rules

1. Discord name must match in game player name.

2. No provocative posts (current or not). This includes, raging, gloating, goading, successful or unsuccessful raids, player kills (named or not), loot gained from bases, getting "live" info, etc.

3. No ban discussions unless it's in a ticket.

4. No unnecessary @ role spamming.

5. No political or religious chat.

6. No multiple discord accounts for, e.g. deception.

7. No using the traders channel for entrapment.

8. No inappropriate ** conversations, NSFW, nicknames, profile pictures or harmful links.

9. No abusive or disrespectful ** behaviour to community or team members including bullying, harassment or discrimination of others.

10. No racism or hate-speech.

** In relation to being respectful (in and out of game) we refer to: 

-Derogatory or insensitive jokes, pranks, or comments
-Slurs or terms of abuse
-Unwelcome sexual advances or invitations
-Leering or offensive remarks, or unwelcome comments
-Ridiculing or demeaning comments
-Heckling, or disrupting speakers with a speech impediment
-Saying words that are derogatory or sexually-oriented
-Making offensive comments about people's bodies or appearance


Server moderators reserve the right to mute, kick or ban offenders. 

Banned members must request an unban to appeal.



The following rules apply to all and should be consulted if you plan to raid or build a base on DayZ Core. Significant raid events in The Core history have determined how our rules have developed and for the sake of the community they must be followed by everyone. Tickets made regarding raiding violations will always be verified against these rules. There are no exceptions.


Base - A “base” is a significant standalone structure or structures enclosed by a player made perimeter. A base can be a house, larger building, a small shed, garage, a tent or anything that is secured by a gate.”

Player - A person in game who is active. In a raid , trespassing or vandalism, a player can be an attacker (part of the offensive team) or a defender (part of the defending team). 

Raid - A "raid" is breaking and entering into a base or creating access with destruction, by removing a lock, by making a gate out of a fence and also dismantling to exit. A raid is continuous when an attacking player has the intention to raid or to "support."

Support -  "Supporting" a raid is when a player is assisting with overwatch, firepower, transporting or resupplying attackers. Support is over when the player stops assisting.

Trespassing - "Trespassing" is entering a base without destruction. Trespassing becomes a raid  with dismantling to get out.

Vandalism - "Vandalism" is destruction or damaging of a base structure or its defences that does not give access to a base.




1.0 - Glitching- Absolutely no glitching of any kind to raid bases which includes floating or clipping of placed items and no cutting and climbing on trees.

1.1 - Access - Siege towers, fence platforms, parkour, boosting on players, storage & vehicles and crawling through windows of any kind are all valid access methods. Siege towers can be destroyed by defenders at any time.

1.2 - Griefing/ Harassment - Despawning of items without taking their containers is considered as griefing. Take what you want, leave what you don't. A 7 day cool down timer applies before vandalising or raiding the same base again. These timers are separate. You can raid after an act of vandalism occurs and vice versa. Three consecutive raids/ acts of vandalism may be considered as harassment.

1.3 - Vandalism/ Destruction/ Dismantling - Unnecessary vandalism, destruction or dismantling of bases other than what is needed to gain access/ egress is considered griefing. This includes digging up posts. Vandalism can be used as preparation for a raid. Abandoned bases may be dismantled for resources when admin authorisation has been given, normally after 14 proven days of inactivity.

1.4 - Locks - Raiders or trespassers cannot add locks. Defenders can remove and apply locks to gates not yet breached by attackers. Defenders may apply locks to breached or attacker-made gates when 10 minutes has passed since last known contact. This applies when the defender has declared, on max voice range, his intention to lock the gate to ensure the area is clear. If an attacker responds the defender cannot lock the gate.

1.5 - Building during a raid - A defender cannot dig in new posts for fences during a raid. Defenders can make repairs to walls as they are being damaged by attackers. If attackers have destroyed the frame of any section the defenders cannot rebuild that frame unless 10 minutes has passed since last known contact. This applies when the defender has declared, on max voice range, his intention to rebuild the frame to ensure the area is clear. If an attacker responds he cannot make the repairs. An attacker is not permitted to build blocking gates or fences. Siege towers or platforms used by attackers is acceptable.

1.6 - "Attacker made" gates - Attackers may create gates in fences but they are not permitted to lock them. Defenders may apply locks to breached or attacker-made gates when 10 minutes has passed since last known contact. This applies when the defender has declared, on max voice range, his intention to lock the gate to ensure the area is clear. If an attacker responds the defender cannot lock the gate. Defenders and attackers can remove the gate's wire/s at any time.

1.7 - Vehicle destruction - Attackers are permitted to destroy defender's vehicles, even if loaded.

1.8 - Logging out/ Crashing out - Attackers and trespassers are not permitted to log off inside a defender's base. Unless he is a hostage, a player that is trapped inside a defender's base should make a ticket to be teleported out. During a raid, if a player crashes out he should make a ticket and log that event with staff.

1.9 - Live Raids - Head Admins will not attend live raids in order to deal with violations. Player's should gather all possible evidence and submit it into a violation ticket.

1.10 - Base Conquering - It is not permitted for attackers or trespassers to claim or conquer a defender's base unless admin authorisation is given, normally after 14 days of inactivity.